Thank you

Thank you for being the kind of person that is listed as a responder on Candle and thank you for being the kind of person that wants to give support. We’re establishing a new normal for anyone seeking help and support. You being here helps the world get one step closer to lighting the dark for millions. 

Your efforts as a Responder will not go unappreciated or be forgotten. As Candle grows, we want to share your stories and your goodness in supporting friends, family and colleagues through difficult times and we want to do everything we can to help you become your best self in doing that. 

Candle will continue to establish this page, add resources and keep you updated with best practices. 

We invite you to read and take in what’s good, whilst adopting and adapting the advice to your particular circumstances. Yes, being there for others can be daunting… but you can do this, you can be and already are a light in the dark and we just want to help you shine brighter. 

Always, our inbox is open to you and you can reach our founders personally at:               or

Feel free to send any experiences you have in supporting others, how you’ve helped them, how the experience has helped you to grow personally and please share any insights on what you’d like to see here or how Candle can be better. 

Thank you for being here, our very best to you,

Candle team