Over 3bn people require mental health support.

Yet today, over 65% of people
still fail to get the support they need.

Real life accounts from
University students.

I wasn't able to get an appointment with a counselor until the end of the semester and then they didn't make an appointment with me for when I got back five months later. I lost my spot and when I got back their calendar was full.
Although I struggled with overwhelming feelings of negativity (that I had never faced before), seeking help to overcome this state of mind wasn’t an option. No one discussed “what to do if you feel...”. It never even entered my mind to ask for support for the way I was feeling. I dropped out at the end of the first year because of a lack of support and felt the best thing was for me to go home where I knew I could rest from the anxiety and stress.
Previous Student
"Really hard to find the details of who I should contact from my course for help or even administrative help. I'm a part-time student and feel like there is no support there at all."
Current University Student