The Candle team is thrilled to offer Accredited MHFA Training in partnership with MHFA England Ambassador, Harry Corin.

As Candle onboards your organisation, defining responders is key and in this we advise that all responders be trained in MHFA – making them Level 2 responders in Candle’s eyes.

Partnering with Harry means that we can now serve our partners to the fullest and help to light the dark, together. 

We offer an accredited 2 day course that gives your people all they need to be a certified mental health first aider. 

Complete with Certificate and access to MHFA Englands learning platform – click below for further details and pricing. 

Let's light the dark, together.

Brands Harry has trained

What our customers say about MHFA + Candle

“Completing the mental health first aider course has instilled me with confidence to assist people who need help, both inside work and out. I now feel well equipped to assist colleagues with whatever problems or issues may arise and feel like I can truly make a positive difference. I am so excited to use Candle to fulfil this support, a software that removes any stigma and focuses on the individual and their issue in a non-evasive and nurturing manner. I recommend anyone to undertake this training and utilise candle for their professional or personal lives.”  Stephen, Copywriter


“The Mental health first aid training was amazing. The first day I could tell it was taking a while for the team to warm up as the topics can be pretty difficult to discuss. But Harry was so warm and welcoming and his honesty about his own personal situation was really refreshing.  By the second day we were all sharing our own personal experiences and this really helped when discussing in breakout groups. I feel a lot more confident discussing mental health with my colleagues and my family and friends now and I know I have learnt skills for life.

We all received our log ins for Candle yesterday and there was a little buzz around my bank of desk’s. I am really excited that LOFT have decided to use Candle for our workplace. It seems like such a simple but vital piece of technology that could really do some good. I have already been assigned as a few peoples responders which is lovely to see. The fact that it takes the pressure off starting off a conversation that some people may find uncomfortable is amazing, I am looking forward to seeing what Candle brings to LOFT and how it can help myself and my colleagues”   Maddie, Customer Service & Sales Team Leader