The Candle team is thrilled to be part of the 2022 Enterprise City Exchange cohort. To be grouped with so many exciting companies and inspiring founders is an honour, coupled with access to such a refreshing space plus mentors, advisors and specialists – we’re very grateful!

To give a little bit back and also to get your respected insight, we’ve opened Candle up for all Exchange companies to access and use for free for the entirety of our stay with Exchange. You can either book in online with us for a demo and onboard then, or catch us at bonded and we will sort you an account. 

We’ll also be bringing in our in house therapy dog/ Chief People Officer Atlas for a play and he just loves onboarding new folks to Candle!

This page has also been set up just for you to checkin when you have any questions, comments or even want a one to one demo of the platform.  You’ll also notice our technical support button inside Candle, this also covers FAQs, some how to guides and a place to leave any feedback.

We’re here and we are ready to listen. Candle isn’t a perfect platform yet, but it is powerful and we look forward to hearing of your experiences.

Speak soon,  

Candle team 

Tobias, Tom, Elaine, Stephen, Hillary & Dennis.

Let's light the dark, together.