Make it easy
to ask for help.

Despite needing support, over 65% of humans fail to ask for help.

We've redesigned that entire employee wellbeing experience
- to make it speedy and easy for your people
to get the help they need, when they need it.

Light the dark, together.

How Does Candle Help?

Light Your Candle

Candle provides employees with an personalized and scalable support system. 

Lighting your candles engages personalized support circles to give employees help & support when they need it most.

A Hub for Benefits

Centralize all your employer benefits into one convenient place, available to employees 24/7.

Gone are the days of trying to pull together an intranet page that employees can’t access!

Use Candle to increase accessibility and utilization of your benefits and make the most of every penny spent on wellbeing!

Data & Reporting

People, HR and Leadership need actionable data to do the best they can for employees. 

Candle’s intuitive dashboards and reporting makes data-driven employee wellbeing easy. 




The Meadow

Through the Meadow,  employees receive tailored wellbeing content sourced from leading providers, to help your employees be their best. 

You can also provide your people with updates, support and fun too through the Meadow!

Support at Scale


It’s no secret that helping people is hard, no matter how small or large a company is.

Candle is built for scale and is designed to help everyone from start-ups to international PLCs

Core to Candle is the support experience. Our mission is to help people.

Help People

Our mission is helping people – we do all we can to make every employee feel supported, particularly when they need it most. 

Being part of Candle is a statement that you don’t just talk about employee wellbeing and mental health, you do something about it.

Replacing all of this:

With things like this:

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