When help is what people need… when it’s what they really, really need. It’s often harder to get, harder to ask for and harder to give.

To the healthy mind, the idea of asking for support is… not a big one.

When we’re doing well, when spirits are high and we’re free from triggers, we can get comfortable. In our comfort, we see the simplicity of our situation, things look less murky and our shoulders feel looser, ideas come easy and our breathing isn’t laboured. We see progress each day, we embrace hard things and feel our competence increasing.

Smiles hit different. Eyes are inviting. We can listen, really listen.

And we can talk about anything we want. If that means ourselves, that’s ok. We’re good with that, because we’re open, we’re honest, we feel safe and confident in others.

It’s a wondrous spot to be in. It’s where we all want to be. Where most of us have been and most of us are.


That might not be you today. It might not be me today. It might not be your best friend. Your brother or sister. Maybe your colleague. Or your manager. Maybe it’s not where your child is today.

When triggers zoom across the room like darts. When spirits are held down, gripped tight. When we’re uncomfortable… in our own skin. When shoulders coil up and murky waters drown out our fading ideas. When we breathe deeply but feel suffocated.

When smiles aren’t smiles. Eyes are terrifying. And we can’t hear what you’re saying.

When we can’t say a word, even though we’re screaming. Closed off. Hidden.


Don’t you see?

We all face mental and emotional issues.

It’s hard to ask for help.

More people than ever are getting the help they need.

But 65% of us still say nothing. 65% of people needing mental health, anxiety and addiction recovery support still don’t get it.

Either people feel too afraid or don’t want to be a burden to others… or often times can’t find the right number to call, or the right words to say, or type and so fade back into what’s familiar — even though we don’t want to be there.

That’s why we have to make it easy.

That’s why we have to make getting help easy, empowering and fast. Easier than a google search. Easier than a phone call. Easier than a text. Easier than speaking.

Making it easy makes it possible.