Proactive wellbeing support, at scale.

Wellbeing and mental health support are proven to make the world a better and more productive place. Candle makes early intervention possible and gives your people the support they need, when they need it.

Light the dark, together.

Candle makes it easy for organisations to
detect, triage, solve and prevent wellbeing issues
for their people, at scale.

Over 2bn people require mental health support.

65% will fail to get
the support they need

Real life accounts from
University students.

I wasn't able to get an appointment with a counselor until the end of the semester and then they didn't make an appointment with me for when I got back five months later. I lost my spot and when I got back their calendar was full.
After experiencing illness during my studies and spending time in hospital, my uni work was put on hold. It took a long time for me to feel like I could send an email to my tutor to let her know what had happened and why I hadn't done as much work on my dissertation as I would have liked. I did not try to/was not offered any emotional/mental support from university - I don't think I know how I would contact counselors at uni although I know we have them.
Post Graduate
Although I struggled with overwhelming feelings of negativity (that I had never faced before), seeking help to overcome this state of mind wasn’t an option. No one discussed “what to do if you feel...”. It never even entered my mind to ask for support for the way I was feeling. I dropped out at the end of the first year because of a lack of support and felt the best thing was for me to go home where I knew I could rest from the anxiety and stress.
Previous Student
I heard the backlog for waiting for someone to speak to was not worth the wait and that there was a waiting list, so I didn't attempt to in the end. I also believe there's a reluctance to reach out to someone in person, at the University.
"Really hard to find the details of who I should contact from my course for help or even administrative help. I'm a part-time student and feel like there is no support there at all."
Current University Student
I attended University from the ages of 18-20, and 22-25. During specific semesters, I experienced periods of mild-moderate (never debilitating) depression and anxiety. Only in my last year at college was it severe enough (or myself aware enough) that I recognized and acknowledged it as such. I know my university offered support for students struggling with mental/emotional health, but I never looked into those resources. I don't know how easily accessible or empowering they were to other students who did seek help
Previous Student

Candle enables us to support our people before an issue becomes too much for them to handle.

Steven Holland Director of HR |

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Tap the screen, get help. 

No more stigma, technical barriers or waiting times. 

Candle’s innovative technology integrates with push notifications, sms and email to give your people the safety button that works.

With professional and personal support circles.

Remove barriers.

Whether a 2 or 50,000 strong organisation, Candle makes scaling support easy with speedy onboarding, designated user levels and seamless case management.

PLUS – training and engaging Mental Health First Aiders becomes simple and worthwhile.

Benefits & Support.

Centralise all benefits providers on Candle, making it easier than ever for your people to access the benefits and support you offer.

Plus – Access a growing micro provider market, with vendors to suit all niches and interests.


Curated Content Feed:
The Meadow

High quality personalized wellness content delivered direct to your people. 

Candle actively curates the best content available to provide a daily dose of positive, life giving content.

Use the Meadow to communicate your own messages and updates too!

Dashboard, Data & Reporting


We know how important data is in driving change. 

Candle provides actionable insights and data to enable you to do what is best for your people, now & in days to come.

Choose the data you see, pick specific analytics and export reports in a click.

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Send a message, say you care. 

Partnering with Candle is a clear statement of care about the wellbeing of your people.


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