Mental health support for the modern world

There aren't enough therapists to meet demand. And for most people, it's too expensive. So we're building a soft landing for when people begin to spiral. Candle gives the world the skills and technology to make giving and receiving peer support normal, informal and effective.

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Steven Holland Director of HR

Candle enables us to support our people before an issue becomes too much for them to handle.”

Let's light the dark, together

The Candle Solution

Successfully deploy MHFA trained staff. Enable rapid support. Level Up support network skills.

Candle Core

Candle is THE way to initiate effective peer to peer support. In just a few of taps, light your candle, give context and get connected to your network of peer supporters. 


Make it simple and easy for humans to help humans. Candle’s robust backend quickly organises both work and non-work contacts into personal support networks, ready to assist.

Democratise skills

We’re on a mission to democratise clinical listening skills so that every human has a channel for support. Lighthouse is our elearning platform where you can level up and prepare to give support.

"Candle helps honour the complexity of mental health conversations by creating emotionally intelligent environments & communities"

Elaine Bousfield, Founder of Kooth PLC

Candle Is Built For Scale

Yes, Candle is doing something new. Something different. Yet our technical foundation remains, Secure, Fast and Reliable.

Speedy Mobile & Web apps.

24/7 Distributed Support.

Private. ICO Certified.
SMS & Email.

Curated Content & Partners.

Data Driven Stability.

Reporting & Advanced

Real People. Real Change. Real ROI.

Customisable support networks.

Easy Peasy UX.

Editable User levels.

Expert Developers.


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